Pet Care Plan

Routine pet care spread over easy to manage monthly payments

We all want the very best for our pets. However, providing this can be costly, with routine healthcare, food bills, and those little extras you buy that keep your pet happy and healthy.

That’s why we have created the Pet Care Plan. The Pet Care Plan helps you to spread the cost of your pet’s routine preventative healthcare throughout the year, as well as offering additional benefits to save you money.

With a monthly direct debit payment your pet’s routine healthcare is taken care of, with standard vaccinations, micro-chipping, worming and flea treatments (fly strike for rabbits) all included in the plan. Additionally, your pet will benefit from an annual healthy pet check ensuring that your pet is kept in top condition, as well as offering you a chance to gain valuable veterinary advice.

Pricing Plan

Price correct as of 1st January 2023

  Price per Month
Rabbits £9.00
Cats £15.00
Small Dogs (less than 10kg) £15.00
Medium Dogs (10kg – 20kg) £16.00
Large Dogs (20kg – 40kg) £17.00
Extra Large Dogs (40kg – 56kg) £22.00
Giant Dogs (over 56kg) £26.50
Joining Fee* £5.00

*One off payment for each new pet joining the scheme, which is added to your first direct debit payment

What This Includes

Our Pet Care Plan is designed to spread the cost of your pet’s routine preventative healthcare such as annual vaccinations and treatments to prevent fleas and worms.  It should not be confused with pet insurance, which is designed to cover veterinary fees if your pet becomes injured or is unwell.

However, it does provide some additional benefits such as regular free nail clips or anal gland expressions with the nurse and a 10% discount on our full range of pet food, toys and pet accessories, thereby helping you to save money on your pet’s routine care.

You can enrol as many pets as you like on the plan and there is no pet age restriction. You just need to maintain the monthly direct debit payment throughout the contracted term for each pet on the plan. 

Joining our Pet Care Plan couldn’t be easier, with savings applied instantly, so contact reception to sign up today.

Benefits Enjoyed By Members Include

  • Annual routine vaccinations
  • Annual healthy pet check
  • A regular supply of worming treatments
  • A regular supply of flea treatments
  • Free micro-chip if not already chipped
  • Free nail clips and anal gland expressions with a nurse
  • 10% discount on our full range of pet food
  • 10% discount on all pet toys
  • 10% discount on all pet accessories

If you wish to join, you need to:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have a bank account in your name which allows direct debit payments (you will need to make your first month’s payment by cash or credit/debit card when you join)
  • Be able to maintain the monthly payment throughout the plan term, otherwise cancellation charges may apply

Terms and Conditions

Your plan membership runs for a minimum term of 12 months, with an automatic renewal on each anniversary date for a further 12-month term, unless notice to cancel has been given 30 days before the renewal/anniversary date.

Monthly prices are not fixed and may be reviewed annually. Your price may therefore change during the 12-month term. We will notify you in advance of any changes to your monthly payments by email, SMS or post.  If we identify your pet is on the wrong plan due to a change in weight, we may at our discretion change your monthly payment for a more appropriate plan weight band.

We reserve the right to withdraw or replace some of the benefits we provide on the plan if we feel this is appropriate and recommend you check our current plan benefits on a regular basis and before each anniversary renewal to ensure they still meet your needs. If we do make a change, we will always try to ensure the plan benefits are appropriate for the majority of our members and continue to offer value for money over our normal pay as you go prices.

We do not offer any substitutes or refunds should you not use all the benefits included in the plan. We therefore recommend you keep a record of when your annual vaccinations, annual healthy pet check and regular flea and worm treatments are due and make an appointment or arrange collection of these as appropriate.

If your plan is cancelled automatically because of failed direct debit collections, because you cancel your direct debit, or because you request to cancel before your plan anniversary/during a 12-month term, your account will be reviewed and you may be charged the full price for any products and services received during the current plan term, minus any monthly payments you have made during the term.

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