Equine Prices

Here you can see prices for some of our most popular Equine treatments


  Standard Price
Initial Consultation £55.00
Re-examination £50.00
Prescription Review £50.00


  Standard Price
Flu Only (per injection) £54.00
Tet Only (per injection) £54.00
Flu and Tet Combined (per injection) £54.00



  Standard Price
Teeth Rasping without Sedation £64.00
Teeth Rasping with Sedation £130.00

Other Services

  Standard Price
Visit Fee (plus charge per mile) £45.50
Pre-Purchase Examination – 2 Stage £235.00
Pre-Purchase Examination – 5 Stage £465.00
Microchip £25.00
Passport £55.00
Written Prescription (single product) £26.00
Written Prescription (multiple products) £48.00

Out of Hours Fees

To provide an emergency service outside of our normal opening times
A surcharge of £200-£255 applies in addition to our normal charges

Prices correct as of 1st September 2023