Your Livestock

Your livestock are your livelihood and responsible for your lifestyle. We understand this, and our local, dedicated and experienced farm animal vets will work tirelessly with you to ensure that the health, welfare and productivity of them are optimised at every turn.

Our services are accessible to all farmers, regardless of size or spend and together help to deliver the sort of progressive approach to animal health which is demanded by the professional farmers who take up the available services.

We Promise to All Our Clients

  • That they will always see a vet employed by us
  • Each farm will have the opportunity to select a key vet to work with them as a first point of call for all your veterinary needs
  • Regular in-house benchmarking of farms against local and national trends to help you further to identify areas of excellence, and those requiring improvement in your enterprise
  • As well as interest free 30 day account terms, significant extra discount benefits are available for payment through direct debit.

Services We Offer

Social Media

We have dedicated pages on social media for our farm clients. To keep up-to-date with what’s going on, click the links below to follow us: